Privacy Policy

Welcome to Pakola, where your privacy is our priority. We always strive hard to protect your personal and filter out sensitive information which includes your race, religion; political opinion, ethnicity, etc. continue reading our privacy policy to learn more. The content of this privacy policy explains the collection, usage, and disclosure of your personal data. We have cited all the steps taken to safeguard your personal information in this document. By visiting this site directly or indirectly, you show your consent with the principles defined in this policy.

Who We Are

We are the team behind Pakola and you can find our contact information on our website. We are genuinely concerned about our clients’ and visitors’ privacy.

Data Protection

Safety of your data is a matter of trust and, your privacy is our priority. We will need your name and some other piece of information for delivering the order at your doorstep. The information given by users is necessary for performing specific operations required for the proper functioning of our website and services.

We will hold on to your information as long as you are using our services and as long as it is required. You can browse our site without registering yourself but you won’t be able to place an order and use some essential features without proper registration. We won’t be able to identify you unless you create an account till then you can anonymously visit our webiste

You would have to provide us with information that you are being asked for if you want to make any purchase. The provision of goods through our site isn’t possible at any cost without proper registration of your user account.

The collection, storage, and use of your data are essential for processing your orders and providing the service on time. The information we collect includes, but is not limited to your name, email, delivery address, telephone number, mobile number, payment details.


You don’t need to accept the cookies for just visiting our site but those who want to register themselves on our site and place orders through it will have to accept the cookies under any circumstances. We use cookies to make sure that everyone who is using our site and services enjoys the best experience. In short, cookies help in keeping your account safe and secure. The cookie policy applies to all our products, services, and pages of this website.

What are Cookies?

These are minor files containing text that identify your computer and send this information to the server. Cookies address you as an unregistered user when you visit our website. They can help in detecting your internet address which allows you to enter the site without wasting much of your time. The primary purpose of sending cookies is to make the usage of our site more convenient for you and not for attaining your information. Users have the right to accept or restrict the use of cookies. In case you do not accept the cookies, it will directly restrict the use of some of the important features of our website by you. We assure you that using cookies will not lead to the disclosure of your private data; neither will it contain any viruses.